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Financial Planning for Family Future

Life is a journey for all of us – we continue to learn and grow with the different life experiences which we gain at various stages of our lives. And we build upon our previous life experiences and mold ourselves to be a better person for the next stages. Whether we are in our 20s, about to graduate from the University or starting our first job, it is common for everyone to start thinking about our future, sets goals, and prepare a plan to reach those goals.

In order to achieve our life goals, we need to be smart and rational in managing your income while planning for our future. Here, we highlight the importance of financial planning, and the role of life insurance plays in achieving our life goals.

Why is Financial Planning Important?

How Can Life Insurance Benefit Us?

When You Start
Your First Job

When You Start Your First Job

When you first enter the workforce, there are many things you wish to purchase – a car, a better phone, or even a house.

A life insurance plan ensures that the loans you take up do not end up being a liability for your loved ones, in the event you are not around.

When You
Get Married

When You Get Married

Marrying your soulmate is an important point in life. You’ve finally found The One, and you want to provide them with a comfortable life.

A plan like “Dai-ichi Life Pro” can ensure that you will get financial protection, and your family will live worry-less of financial problems in the unfortunate event of death.

When You

When You Retire

You’ve worked hard and want to sustain the same standard of living after your retirement and be able to support yourself.

A life insurance plan with Dai-ichi Life Insurance Myanmar can help you accumulate savings when you are economically active.

Combo Plans

What exactly are “Combo Plans”?

Combo plans offer a simple and effective way of having numerous benefits, providing financial protection and savings without the hassles of buying a different insurance plan for different needs.

What kind of choices and flexibility does these plans offer to clients & how are they better from standard plans?

These are in fact one of the most flexible plans as it allows the customer to pick and choose the benefits that he/she may want from the plan, and drop the features he/she may not want from the plan.

How does it work?

Combo plans consist of the base (or main) product and then these can be enhanced through adding additional products (enhancers or riders) into the base (or main) plan.

What kind of options does Dai-ichi Life Insurance Myanmar have? Can we know details?

We have an attractive 3-in-1 plan called “Dai-ichi Life Pro”. This is the base (or main) plan which offers 3-in-1 benefits of Protection, Cashback and Guaranteed Maturity Benefits. Additionally, 2 more add-on plans (riders) can be clubbed to this Dai-ichi Life Pro, depending on client’s needs and choices. (1) Those looking at higher coverage (protection) can add additional insurance cover at very low premiums by adding our “Dai-ichi Guard” rider. (2) Those looking for insuring themselves for unforeseen expenses from critical illnesses, can add a “Dai-ichi CI Plus” rider into the base (main Dai-ichi Life Pro) plan. A client can also choose to add both riders, thereby giving them all 5 benefits from 1 plan – Base Protection, Cash Back, Guaranteed Maturity, Enhanced Protection and Critical Illness cover.   

What We Offer

Our products and services are designed to support your financial needs.

Be it life insurance to protect yourself for your loved ones, or a plan to secure your children’s future education or any other long-term financial needs, we want to help you achieve the peace of mind that you deserve.