Dai-ichi Life

Insurance Claims


How to notify claim request?

Claimants can notify the claim to Dai-ichi Life Insurance Myanmar by following channels.




  • Agent/Financial Advisor, if a more personalized approach is preferred.


What are the required documents?

For all types of claims

  • Duly completed ‘Claim Request Form’
  • Original Life Insurance Certificate (and Rider endorsement letter for rider benefits)
  • Other supportive documents (if required)

For Death benefit

  • Copy of Death Certificate or original Autopsy report


For Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) benefit

  • Confirmation Letter and Medical Reports/treatment records about Total Permanent Disability issued by registered hospital or competent authority.


For Critical Illness benefit/ Active Care benefit/ Health Care benefit (For reimbursement benefit) – as relevant

  • Statement of attending doctor (physician/surgeon or relevant specialist) 
  • Recommendation letter of specialist doctor(s) who treated (or) Ward-in-charge professor from which Life Insured was admitted. 
  • Confirmation Letter/medical documents by hospital, clinic, laboratory, or a competent authority, as the case may be (if relevant) 
  • Original medical bills (for reimbursement benefit)


  • Please note that when notifying a claim, it is essential to provide accurate and detailed documents and information to facilitate the processing of the claim.  
  • We will keep our customers informed of the progress and appreciate your cooperation in providing any requested information. 
  • After assessing the claim, Dai-ichi Life Insurance Myanmar will settle the claim payout or request additional information from the claimant/beneficiary if needed. 

Death/Total Permanent Disability
Claim Form

Critical illness
Claim Form

Dai-ichi Active Care
Claim Form

Dai-ichi Health CARE
Claim Form