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Benefits of Financial Planning

Financial planning offers various benefits, and life insurance plays a crucial role in this process. Financial planning helps you define your financial goals and provides peace of mind. By incorporating life insurance into your financial planning, you can ensure that your family is prepared for the future and provide your child with the best possible opportunities for education and success even if something unexpected happens. 

At Dai-ichi Life Insurance Myanmar, we CARE for our customers to live to the fullest and provide total Peace of Mind by providing a one-stop service for taking care of any uncertainties and unexpected situations. Our future deserves not just care but TOTAL CARE.

Financial Planning for Family Future

Financial Planning for Child Education

Protection/ Risk Planning

Life is full of uncertainties. Death, Critical Illness, Accident & Total Permanent Disabilities.

These can either put a brake on your financial planning or eat into your financial savings.

Stay insured and enable your life insurance policy to manage these unforeseen financial contingencies.

Wealth Accumulation Planning

Planning to save? Then a life insurance policy can provide dual benefits of wealth accumulations and financial security. A life insurance policy pays the accumulated amount on maturity, and in case any unforeseen event like death, critical illness, accident or total permanent disability were to happen,  the insurance policy will pay the targeted accumulation amount (Sum Insured) to the beneficiary.

Child Education Planning

Children’s future goals remain on top of every parent’s mind. And planning to meet those goals financially is a bigger worry. Every parent thinks of a way to save for the child’s future; and at the same time, also secure the financial future against any uncertainties that may happen to the parent. Our children education planning product takes care of those dual needs of savings and insurance.

Retirement Planning

Retirement is all about living life to the fullest. It’s the beginning of a second innings of a person’s life and who doesn’t want to lead the same standard of living even after retirement? Financial planning for a life after retirement stays on top of everyone’s mind and our life insurance policies can help you build a comfortable retirement corpus.

Legacy Planning

What can we leave behind for our loved ones? This is one worry that bothers each of us. However, life insurance can help you create wealth for you and your loved ones. Additionally, in the case that an unfortunate event were to happen to you, your dependents and loved ones can still continue to pursue their dreams with the insured amount.

What We Offer

Our products and services are designed to support your financial needs.

Be it life insurance to protect yourself for your loved ones, or a plan to secure your children’s future education or any other long-term financial needs, we want to help you achieve the peace of mind that you deserve.