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Child Education

Parents have always been invested in providing their children with the best education and career opportunities so that there are no interruptions or obstacles on the path to success. By considering life insurance as part of your child’s education plan, you can offer your child a solid foundation for their academic future.

Why Would Parents Need to Invest
in Education Insurance for Their Children?

Parents should carefully consider purchasing insurance products specifically designed to support their child’s education when planning for systematic savings. This type of insurance can provide financial protection to cover the costs of educational expenses in the event of unexpected circumstances such as the parent’s death, disability, or loss of income.

By investing in education insurance, parents can rest assured knowing that their child will be able to continue their education regardless of any unforeseen circumstances.

How Important Is It to Allocate A Budget
to Invest A Children’s Education Life Insurance Plan?

Allocating a budget to purchase a children’s education life insurance plan is highly important. By setting aside funds specifically for education insurance, parents can prioritize their child’s education and ensure that they have access to quality education, regardless of any financial challenges that may arise.

At Dai-ichi Life Insurance Myanmar, we offer tailor-made plans to suit a wide range of budget and protection requirements. With a simple needs analysis of your savings and protection needs conducted by our sales team, we can provide the best financial solution for you and your family.

What We Offer

Our products and services are designed to support your financial needs.

Be it life insurance to protect yourself for your loved ones, or a plan to secure your children’s future education or any other long-term financial needs, we want to help you achieve the peace of mind that you deserve.