Dai-ichi Life

121st Celebration at Child Development Centre Dream Train

September 8, 2023

In celebration of the 121st anniversary of the Dai-ichi Life Group, we visited the Child Development Centre Dream Train.  Our management team and team members joined together to play games aimed at promoting the physical and mental well-being of the children.


The children from Dream Train presented Digital Storytelling, and well-being activities that they had learned during the last summer, and our management team gave gifts to all the children. Additionally, they engaged in group activities such as Mg Kan Htoo Origami and the Mg Kan Htoo puzzle game, with prizes awarded to the winning teams.


Following these activities, both the children and Dai-ichi life team members collaborated to create finger paintings on canvas. Afterwards, we provided lunch boxes for all the children to thank them for their hard work and dedication throughout the day.


With “People First”, we are committed to continuously supporting the younger generation, aiming for brighter futures and better lifestyle.

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