Dai-ichi Guard Employee Benefit Program

Value your employees and make them value your business with life insurance that grants HIGH coverage at LOW cost. Our Life Insurance assures comprehensive protection and yet cost effectively.  Provide your employees the peace of mind they deserve today with Dai-ichi Guard Employee Benefit Program.

Reasons To Buy

Peace of mind

Provide your employees with financial security for themselves and their loved ones.

Comprehensive Protection

An efficient way to protect the financial future of your employees with comprehensive protection against major risks in life at affordable cost


 Stronger Employee Retention 

Build a strong and loyal workforce with low turnover rates with valuable insurance cover that is also simple and easy in administration.

Product Highlights


Entry Age:

18 to 65 years old

Policy Term:

1 year ( Renewable)

Premium Term:

1 year ( Renewable)

Sum Insured:

Minimum MMK 200,000 each

Minimum sum insured per group:

MMK 5,000,000

Minimum number of People per group:

10 people

Scope of cover:

Death and Total Permanent Disability 


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